Monday, October 24, 2011

Next Monday: Fall Neighborhood Garbage Pickup

There will be a fall neighborhood garbage pickup on Monday, October 31st. Originally the pickup was to be on October 25, but we got the date pushed out in hopes that a lot of leaves will fall by then. Instead of the usual clean & green pickup (yard waste), this one will be a general pickup.

This means you can put out just about anything except appliances.

We will be flyering the neighborhood this week to make sure everyone knows about the pickup.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Neighborhood Clean-up on Oct. 23rd

We are looking to enrich our neighborhood through various service projects. We want to add value to Browne's Addition and make it a better place for everyone to live. After we have served and cleaned up the neighborhood in various capacities we will then head over to Coeur d'Alene Park to grill out. The grilling at the park will be a great opportunity to invite neighbors, developer relationships, and share fun times at the park.

We need people to help:
  • Pick up trash along Sunset Blvd.
  • Weed eat along Sunset Blvd. (please bring your own weed eater)
  • Blow off side walks
  • Rake and bag leafs
  • Pick up garbage on local streets.
  • Paint? (graffiti cleanup and stair hand rails)
  • Bring various outdoor games for park recreation
* If you have questions or would like to recommend a project, call Dirk at (678) 449-7832 or

October 23rd at 10 AM. Meet at Steve Hart's house (215 S Canon St) for service assignment and partners.
Grilling begins at 1 PM in Coeur d'Alene Park.

On a related note, clean & green yard waste pickup will take place on Tuesday, October 25th.