Friday, December 28, 2012

A reminder that your Browne's Addition Neighborhood Council will meet this Wednesday Evening, January 2, 2013, at the Museum of Arts and Culture. 

We start promptly at 6:30pm and end just as promptly at 8pm.

Come join us and meet your BANC 2013 Executive Committee Members.

There are some Important announcements regarding the proposed relocation of the Peaceful Valley Community Center to our neighborhood,
the restoration of the Gazebo in the Coeur d'Alene Park, and information on the Traffic Calming project that could benefit our neighborhood in the future.
Please join us and take part in the future of YOUR Neighborhood!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It looks like we are in store for a "snow event" tonight and tomorrow morning. Let's all drive carefully in the neighborhood!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012



With several inches of snow forecasted for tonight and tomorrow, City of Spokane Street Department crews are preparing. 

Night crews will stay late, and Tuesday morning crews will come in early to improve street conditions for the commute, says Street Director Mark Serbousek.  Extra crews will be part of the morning crew, and Street officials will call in more personnel as needed.

“We are preparing for what may be our most significant snowfall so far this season,” Serbousek says.  “We’ve been operating on winter schedules for about a month, and our equipment and employees are ready to respond.  As always, we ask motorists to slow down and drive according to conditions when the snow flies.”

Crews will spread de-icer on hills and at intersections on arterials initially, Serbousek says.  They will switch to plowing snow once there enough snow accumulation to plow.  With temperatures forecasted around freezing, the City anticipates a mix of snow and rain with more snow accumulations at higher elevations on the North and South sides of the City.

The City’s snow removal activities are designed to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians, ensure emergency responders can reach citizens, and enhance movement for pedestrians, motorists and economic activity.

Information on the City’s snow removal efforts is available on the City’s web site at  Citizens also can stay up to date on snow removal by following the City on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Monday, December 3, 2012

December Meeting & Holiday Party

You are invited to the Browne's Addition Neighborhood Holiday Party!
Where: EJ Roberts Mansion
When: Wednesday December 5th @ 6:30pm
Please bring a food or drink (yes you can bring alcohol) to share with your neighbors.
Who: YOU! and your family and friends
There will be an after party at Ej's Garden Bistro.

While this event is meant to be a lot of fun, we do have some quick business to attend to. See below the details of a request that will need to be voted on and the names of presumed Browne's Addition Council memebers for the 2013 year.

To the Residents of Browne's Addition, Re: the proposed Southwest Community Center

The Peaceful Valley Community Center, which is the only community center serving the residents of the south west quadrant of the city (which includes but is not limited to the Browne's Addition, Peaceful Valley, Latah Creek, Riverside, and Cliff-Cannon neighborhoods) is currently housed in a building that, due to poor initial construction and deterioration, does not meet current safety codes.  As such, the City of Spokane is no longer willing to maintain the building for it's current use.  Additionally, it has simply become an inappropriate location for the youth programs that have historically been operated from there, which include an after school homework and recreation program, and a summer day program.   Therefore, a new location for the youth program must be identified if it is to continue. 

All Saints Lutheran Church has volunteered a portion of their space, which is a very large space that generally goes unused.  At present, the church uses only their sanctuary, on Sunday mornings.  However, some alterations and improvements to the building and grounds would need to be made in order for the youth program to be relocated there.  This would include the creation of a direct entrance to the portion of the building where the youth program would be housed, improvements to the space that would be used for the youth program, as well as creating outdoor space for recreation and community.   Should this take place, the youth program space would be used strictly for community center purposes (separate from any religious affiliation), and a long term lease would be created for the community center/youth program, requiring that if the building itself were to be sold or the lease terminated by the church for any reason, they would be required to pay back the funds used for the improvements to the property.  At this time, the only program slated for re-location is the youth program, though the Peaceful Valley CC does also operate a food bank and a clothing bank.  The capacity of said youth program would roughly double as a result of the new location, allowing the center to serve many more youth and support many more families.  The center staff have met with area schools, who indicate great enthusiasm for partnering with the program.  If at some point the services available through the All Saints location were to be expanded, Browne's Addition residents would be consulted to ensure their comfort with said services.  This would provide opportunity for expanded programs such as a community computer center, etc. (should such be amenable to Browne's residents). 

The cost of the necessary alterations and improvements are estimated at $300,000.00 total, which would be paid through a combination of CNDC funding and grants. All 5 CNDC qualifying neighborhoods that would be served by the center have been approached regarding contributions, and to date Latah Creek, Peaceful Valley, and Cliff-Cannon (Riverside has not yet met to discuss it) have committed either existing funds that were slotted for other projects and went unused (and may be lost if they are not spent), or funds from the next CNDC fiscal year.   If $100,000.00 (total) and letters of support for the project can be garnered from the neighborhoods, it can be used in application for an additional $100,000.00 of grant funding.  The center itself is able to fund the remaining $100,000.00. 

Browne's Addition currently has over $100,000 of unused CD Funds, and the Community Center is requesting we re-allocate $37,000 toward their project. Please come to discuss this important project!
 Members at Large – Rick, Bailee, Evan
        Chair – ???
 Past Chair - Steve Hart
        V-Chair – Jim Red
 Secretary – Jacquie Wheeler
 Treasurer – Mary Moltke