Thursday, March 20, 2008

Light Bulbs?

Dear Neighborhood Council Leaders,

It is my pleasure to let you know about a really great initiative that we need your help in getting off the ground, or should I say, into the socket:
The Great Spokane Light Bulb Change-Out. Let there be (more energy-efficient) light!

If we change out our light bulbs from incandescent bulbs to CFLs and LEDs, we can conserve a lot of electricity as a community--and reduce our own electric bills at the same time! How much is “a lot”? That remains to be seen!

No worries…You will find out more about this initiative by attending a presentation the evening of

Tuesday, March 25th, in the Spokane City Council Chambers, at 7:00 pm (see agenda below)

Our illustrious Mayor, along with a variety of dynamic community speakers (we hope!), will discuss the energy issues we face, and how we can begin solving them!

We want to hear from you that evening! So far, the partners involved in this initiative include AVISTA, the City of Spokane, the Northwest Climate Change Center, The Lands Council, and PacifiCAD. However, the most important partners needed for this initiative are Spokane’s neighborhoods! As leader of your neighborhood council, your participation and input will be invaluable. Please mark your calendar for March 25th and plan on attending and dialoguing! We look forward to meeting you!

The public is invited to this event, too, so don’t hesitate to bring your friends!

Think about it: We can have a lot of fun! More fun, more success! Neighborhoods can engage in a variety of activities to get these new bulbs into their sockets, and showcase just how good these bulbs can look! Yes, technology is progressing! Neighborhoods can showcase homes that have “gone green” with home shows. You will have plenty of help and involvement from your partners in obtaining and distributing bulbs and getting the word out—and whatever else you need! You and your neighborhood will get public recognition for your arduous efforts—assuming they are arduous, that is! J

Okay, just one last very pressing issue that we need your immediate input on: How many Spokanites does it take to change a light bulb?

Give us your answer on Tuesday evening, March 25th! We will have a prize for the best answer!

Cheers, (and please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call—would love to hear from you!)

Melissa Ahern (and all the rest of the partners)
Director, Northwest Climate Change Center
(358-7982; 710-1494)