Monday, July 20, 2009

District 2 Primary Candidates Forum

East Central Neighborhood Council/Steering Committee

District 2 Primary Candidates Forum

DATE:    August 5

TIME:   6:30pm-8:30pm

PLACE:  East Central Community Center (500 S Stone) Sr. Room

    The following candidates for City Council from District 2  will be present to discuss their positions and concerns:  Mike Allen, David Elton, Steve Eugster, Greg Ridgley, Kristine Sabestinas, and Jon Snyder. 

City Legislative District 2 encompasses most of the city south of I-90, including the following neighborhoods:  Peaceful Valley, Browne's Addition, Cliff-Cannon, Manito/Cannon Hill, Rockwood, Comstock, Latah Valley, Southgate, Lincoln Heights, and the residential portion of East Central.

   Mel Silva, from East Central Neighborhood Council, will facilitate the panel.  Each candidate will have no more than two minutes to summarize his/her background and reason for running for office.   Questions identified by neighborhood councils will be asked, with each candidate having 1-1/2 minutes for an initial response.  A time keeper will used.

    People attending this forum can write questions they would like to ask on a card as they enter the room.  The cards will be screened, prioritized and passed to the Master of Ceremonies.  At the end of the program, individuals can stay and speak individually and in small groups with the candidates until 9pm.

Keith Raschko
Vice chair East Central Steering Committee