Friday, October 9, 2009

You Live in One of the Nation's 10 Greatest Neighborhoods

Here are some pictures from our gathering Wed night at the MAC.  Congrats to MaryLou Sproul who worked so hard along with Nikole Coleman from the Spokane City Planning Department to have Browne's Addition named as one of the nation's 10 Greatest Neighborhoods for 2009 by the American Planning Association.  This is an honor we can all be proud of.

In the pictures below Mayor Mary Verner announces the award as Leroy Eadie, acting Parks Director, and Jo Anne Wright, acting Planning Director, present the citation to MaryLou Sproul who turned the idea into action.

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Another presentation of this award will take place at Monday's city council meeting.

There were other issues discussed at our session, and information on those items will follow in the next few days.