Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring has sprung here in the neighborhood and the May edition of your Neighborhood Council's General Meeting is only a few days away!
Please feel welcome to participate in our meeting on Wednesday Evening, May 1, 2013 at the Museum of Arts and Culture.
We meet at 6:30pm and we are out the doors by 8.
This month we have the same format as last.
We need about 35 minutes to take care of regular business and the remaining 55 minutes will be dedicated to the discussion on the proposed funding for the Youth Center's migration to the All Saint's Church.
All speakers are welcome, as time will permit.
We are using the same format as last month:
Each speaker will be held to a strict time limit of two (2) minutes to express their feelings on the issue.
You must sign-in prior to the meeting being called to order to be allowed to speak.
We have allotted 40 minutes for sharing your opinions, so please collect your thoughts before you are called upon to speak.
This will allow us to hear as many opinions as time permits.
A discussion period will follow.
We are look forward to seeing you!