Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hello Browne's Addition neighbors,
Happily the traffic circle at the corner of Pacific and Canon is fully planted for the season.
We will need a little help with watering so if you love to hang out at this focal point of Browne's Addition and you want to help with occasional watering, let me know

Also all of the Coeur d'Alene Park planters are also planted for the season.
But 5 of the 7 planters in the park need someone to help care for them in what is likely to be a really long hot and windy summer.
I am asking for folks to "adopt a planter".  
What this means, most importantly, is watering on weekends and checking on them once in a while during the week.

Our park attendant this year is doing a yeoman's job of keeping them watered during the week but it's a big park for one person and planters get missed. 
On Fridays he leaves at 2:00 PM and doesn't return until Monday
There is never anyone there on the weekend to water.
We have good and easy access to water in the park so all you really need is a watering can or bucket.

If you care to you can weed a little, dead head a little, mutter sweet nothings to the plants a little. Or just use the time to enjoy our precious park. 
Please email me if you want to talk about the "how to" of it. 
Thanks very much.

Christine White