Sunday, February 10, 2008

Art in Neighborhoods Research Project - in advance of NUSA

Dear Neighborhood Representatives,
We are looking at creating some sort of Neighborhood Arts list to be placed on and to possibly to be used for the tours for NUSA and other neighborhood activities.  While we have a good list of the art created by the City through the Percent for Art program and the Arts Directory on, we do not have a complete list of all of the art in schools (especially private ones) and neighborhood arts activities.  So, what I am asking for is this - please email any ideas you may have of art objects, programs or places that you think would be of general community interest.  These places need to be accessible to the public.  Please include the address or the contact name so that the person working up the list can go see and confirm the location.  
Please email your ideas to me at   The deadline is February 22.