Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pedestrian, Transportation, Traffic Cmte mtg

Greetings All!

Just a quick reminder that the next CA Pedestrian, Transportation & Traffic (PeTT) Committee meeting is next Tuesday, February 12, at 7pm The meeting is at the East Central Community Center, 500 S. Stone.  Just for February, we will be meeting in the Senior Room, down the hall to the right of the Conference Room. 

The agenda highlights for this month are:                

1)      Mayor Mary Verner  Snow Removal 
2)      Traffic Awareness and Pedestrian Safety Week 
3)      Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator

Please remember that this is an open meeting, all are welcomed.  If you are your Neighborhood representative and there are others interested in the topics, bring them along!

Questions, please email or call me at 625-6737.

Thanks, Rod Minarik, Neighborhood Services